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Artificial intellifence in Africa : Challenges & opportunities

The African continent is now embarking on a new era of AI development, and Morocco is leading the way. By leveraging Morocco’s long-term cooperation with the international AI community, this summit will explore the potential of AI to support sustainable development and create economic opportunities in Africa. From educational initiatives to future-focused entrepreneurship, delegates will examine ways to support African entrepreneurs while also exploring the potential of AI and its application to African challenges & paths to success.

This summit will also aim to create a dialogue around the key challenges of AI deployment, from ethical considerations to the legal and regulatory frameworks needed to ensure responsible use. This forum will bring together AI experts, civil society representatives, industry leaders, and government officials, who will contribute their perspectives to the conversation.

The primary goal of this summit is to foster the creation of a network of African AI innovation hubs that will create economic and social benefit for African citizens. Morocco will play a pivotal role in this effort, leading the exploration into the use of AI applications as well as providing mentorship and access to international resources. In doing so, Morocco is setting an example of responsible and effective AI development.
This summit will provide a platform for African experts, technology entrepreneurs, and government officials to discuss the critical challenges the continent faces in AI adoption, the contribution of AI to African economic and social development, and the role of regional and global actors, such as Morocco, in creating an inclusive, responsible, and beneficial AI ecosystem. By convening experts, creating connections, and inspiring new ideas, the African AI Summit and Morocco's leadership role therein will help usher in a new era of Africa-led innovation.


June 2025Tanger, Morocco

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