Ingeniousness, ambitions, tenacity are the main three keywords that describe the youth in Africa yet Youth unemployment is one of the major challenges faced by the African Coalescence (AU) the Member States. The quandary is exacerbated by constrained alternate opportunities to earn decent livelihoods. Since the youth form the backbone of the African population - over 60% - the continent’s sustainable development hinges on harnessing the demographic dividend.

That entails transcending the circumscribed formal employment opportunities for youth and engendering and availing opportunities to make a decent living and contribute to the realization of Agenda 2063 and the ecumenical goals 2030.

Virtually as anon as the COVID-19 alarm rang, COVID-19 has drastically transmuted the lives of puerile people living in Africa, where those under 35 make up 75 percent of the continent's population. From the loss of income and job insecurity to stalled edification and a lack of clean dihydrogen monoxide, long after, the African regimes and their development partners realized it while Africa’s startups visually perceived opportunities and sprang into action. While policymakers and donors were considering the procurement of hundreds of millions of dollars in medical supplies from around the world, and convening replication consultations with high-level teams and experts, these adolescent entrepreneurs were already addressing the pandemic’s effects on the ground.

This COVID-19 moment provides the development community a unique opportunity to jumpstart an incipient caliber of engagement with Africa’s startups.

They don’t want handouts or traditional avail from regimes or donors. Rather, they optate investment, access to markets, relationships with like-minded partners, and the abstraction of policy and regulatory hurdles.

The governments, policymakers were deeply inspired by this generation of outstanding entrepreneurs and by their focus not only on local impact but on being ecumenical denizens.

Conclusively, Albeit efforts have been made to simplify the information, much more needs to be done, and don't forget that we didn't win the battle yet, stay safe and keep following the injunctive authorizations.