COVID-19 Update: AYLS turns virtual summit
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Schedule details (GMT+1 timing) First day: 18th of September 2020

4 - 4.15 PM Panel

Opening Words

By: ELMehdi El Badaoui

4.20 - 5.20 PM Panel

The Digital Revolution in Africa: Catch your Opportunities

By: Madelle Kangha

5.30 - 6.30 PM Panel

Catalysing social entrepreneurship in Africa: role of digitalisation

By: Andrea Bury

6.40 - 7.30 PM Panel

Developing resilience and adaptability in the 21st century digital world

By: Dominic Soh

Schedule details (GMT+1 timing) Second day: 19th of September 2020

4.15 - 5.25 PM Panel

How can businesses speed up their digital transformation projects?

By: Jamila Hadri

5.35 - 6.35 PM Panel

World of work post Covid19

By: Phiona Martin

6.40 - 7.40 PM Panel

The use of new technologies in pandemics crisis

By: Obed Rocky Dadzie

Schedule details (GMT+1 timing) Third day: 20th of September 2020

5.30 - 6.30 PM Panel

Influencing Habits of Digital Transformation Leaders

By: Peter ndung'u

6.40 - 7.30 PM Panel

Educational modeling and use of tecnologies

By: Madelle Kangha

Schedule details (GMT+1 timing) Fourth day: 21st of September 2020

4.15 - 5.20 PM Panel

Crisis Recovery Framework- Digital Marketing

By: Salama Kabbaji

5.30 - 6.30 PM Panel

AYLS, What's Next

ELMehdi EL Badaoui

6.30 - 7.00 PM Panel

Closing remarks

By: ELMehdi EL Badaoui